Mini Case 1 Deal-R-Us Brokers (Part 1)

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Chapter 2 Mini case 1 Deal-R-Us Brokers (Part 1)
Case Description:
Fred Jones, a distant relative of yours and president of Deals-R-Us Brokers (DRUB), has come to you for advice. DRUB is a small brokerage house that enables its clients to buy and sell stocks over the Internet, as well as place traditional orders by phone or fax. DRUB has just decided to offer a set of stock analysis tools that will help its clients more easily pick winning stocks, or so Fred tells you. Fred’s information systems department has presented him with two alternatives for developing the new tools. The first alternative will have a special tool developed in C++ that clients will download onto their computers to run. The tool will communicate with the DRUB
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In addition, each new client needs only be given access, and the web address to access. However, since the thin client will be using the client’s browser, the application / server need to be programmed to accommodate all popular browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) Thin Client Pros • User workstation does not need the application running locally • Users can access the application from any browser that is supported and anywhere that internet connection is available. Access can be achieved through an intranet or the internet • Application updates are easier to implement as the application is on the server • Users cannot access application files and disrupt configuration • Versioning is more manageable • There is no need for an additional hard disk as application logic runs on the server. • Centralized support of the sever Thin Client Cons • Security can be difficult as users access the application through the internet • Slower performance • If the server goes down, all users are not able to work or use the application • Browser changes can affect application functionality (changes in ActiveX components as an example) • Users place more demands on the server and eventually on the corporate network which may lead to slower