Networking: Osi Model and Open Systems Interconnection Essay

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Telecommunications and networking use various mechanism, devices, software and protocols that are interrelated and integrated. Networking is one of the more complex topics in the computer field, mainly because so many components are involved. A network administrator or engineer must know how to configure networking software, protocols and services, and devices; install, configure and interface with telecommunication software and devices; and trouble shoot effectively.
Telecommunications technology is defined as physical devices and software that links various pieces of hardware and transfers data from one physical location to another. The basic hardware needed for the network to operate is a router which directs traffic to different computers to communicate. Open systems interconnection is an application layer where communication partners are identified, quality of service is identified, user authentication and privacy are considered, and any constraints on data syntax are identified.
The presentation layer is usually part of an operating system that converts incoming and outgoing data from presentation format to another. The session layer sets up, coordinates, and terminates conversations, exchanges, and dialogs between the applications at each end. The network layer handles the routing of data. The data-link layer provides synchronization for the physical level and creates. It furnishes transmissions protocol knowledge and management. The physical layer conveys the bit stream through the network at the electrical and mechanical level. It provides the hardware means of sending and receiving the data on a carrier.
I think telephone networks will still be around because a lot of people still depend on them a lot more than most people think now days. Telephone networks are a big part of our communication system in the word today, not so much actual landlines but wireless phones is the number one source of making calls. We have internet calls now days like skype or web chats but the majority of communication is made by phones.
Network media is basically just another way of getting a product advertised over the internet. It is constantly changing from popup windows when clicking on a web site to facebook and other social media sites that have banners and stuff to display their product. Take Apple for example they have all kinds of adds or banners or displays on facebook to catch your eye about the product they are selling or