Las Vegas Research Paper

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Nightclubs in Vegas are, of course, luxurious and filled with loads of fun, but the pool party remain my favorite way to spend a day in Vegas. I doubt if there’s anything or anyone in the world that can change my passion for a great Las Vegas party at a pool.
I often come across locals in Vegas who ask for my phone number and, sometimes, residential address. Many of them don’t seem to believe me whenever I tell them that I don’t live in Vegas. I know it sounds odd, but it’s the truth. It’s probably because I’m a frequent Las Vegas visitor who gets into the best pool parties. This access, often restricted to locals and VIPs is due to my choice of The Kess Group as my go to Las Vegas party planner. Their exception VIP hosts, such as Manny, give
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It gets even more crowded if the scheduled DJ happens to be a big name. With this in mind, we did arrive Las Vegas early. Unfortunately, we needed to visit a couple of places before the party. Plus, we wanted to have an exciting mini excursion around the city prior to the party, which TKG organized for us. Many of the girls were visiting Vegas for the first time, so were especially impressed by the tour of the city.
By the time we got back, we saw an annoyingly long line of people waiting to enter the club. For a split second, we thought we had ruined the evening by staying out a little longer than plan, in order to fully enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. However, TKG saved the day! Being Manny’s guests not only gave us easy access to the entrance, it made our tardiness a non-issue!
It appears like The Kess Group is affiliated with Encore Beach Club, who happens to have contracts with some of the best electronic dance music DJs in Vegas. These DJs do an amazing job electrifying the atmosphere of the party with beats that keep you dancing in the water (pool) and on dry ground.
Manny definitely knows his way around the clubs. Not only was our entry into Encore a seamless one, he was able to get a completely comped table for just us girls next to the DJ booth. It felt unbelievable. That singular gesture probably made this my best Vegas experience