Essay on Late Middle Ages

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Surprisingly enough, the Dark ages did not necessarily mean they were dark. It is referring to the time in European history of poverty and violence. This period of time lasted for a long time. The major change that brought the Dark Ages out of itself is the use of Crusades and craft guilds. Christianity was flourishing and powerful, but the pope was scared that they were going to get attacked brutally. They were in need of soldiers, so the pope promised eternal life no matter what if they joined. The craft guilds provided jobs in different fields of work and since they have the program of apprentice, journeyman, then maser. They provide more job opening because once you are a master, you can open your own business. There are many possibilities for the true reasons that brought the Dark Ages out, but those are only two.
The Christians were a powerful religion at the time with many followers, but there was a group going around that was “attacking and brutally killing Christians according to the pope. This group was the Seljuk Turks. The Pope wanted to get many soldiers to fight them and they would have eternal life. Many people followed and they were treated well. The amount of people was a lot so many people came out of poverty. Another reason is the craft guilds. The craft guilds were a master, who trained an apprentice. The apprentice can become a journeyman and test his crafting skills. After the test, if he passes he can become a master. A master can