Essay about Law and Human Rights

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Polygamy, translated from Old Greek meaning the "state of marriage to many spouses" or "frequent marriage" (Polygamy), is the practice of a husband having more than one wife at the same time and all residing together in a single household. Throughout history, many ancient cultures have practiced polygamy; from the Greeks to the King Henry VIII. With the various shows exposing the realities of polygamy and it’s emotional, psychological and physiological implications on each member within the family may have dire affects; such as lack of sympathy, increased use of drug and alcohol addiction, etc. There are many groups and individuals who have taken a deep interest in the legalization of polygamy and vice versa. Groups and individuals for the legalization are The viewpoints relating to polygamy include the religious sector, legislative and human rights (woman’s and children’s). Another possible viewpoint to be considered are those from psychologists. First off the legislative aspect of polygamy is illegal under federal law with the Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act of 1862, signed by Abraham Lincoln On the flip side, polygamy is legal at the state level in Utah as this is where the roots of the Mormon religion began. As for the religious sector, polygamy was “approved and practiced” during the biblical period according to the bible. In other words, according to the Judeo-Christian bible, polygamy should be “legalized”. On the flip side, human rights activists’ see polygamy as detrimental to society as a whole within the polygamous society and potentially within the monogamous society. My interest in polygamy was captivated after seeing an episode of ‘Escaping Polygamy’. As I have only heard of such polygamy “ranches” being raided with dozens upon dozens