Leadership and Good Experienced Boss Essay

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Rough Draft : Behind Every Good Boss, There's A Bad One
Gregory Reed
February 23 2015
University Of Phoenix

Even though a bad boss may not always be a bad boss, it's best to work with a good experienced boss because a good boss has a better productivity process, then a bad boss and a good boss promotes growth and leads employees through the task at hand. Bosses are generally defined as someone who directly supervises the work activities of others. Most bosses are easy to work with and will do their best to create an enjoyable working environment for everyone. A good boss is as much as team player as a leader. In "Real Leaders Don't Boss: Inspire, Motivate and Earn Respect from Employees and Watch Your Organization Soar" author Ritch K. Eich says stay mindful that real leaders aren't born; rather, they evolve over time, learning through trial and error. Not ever bad boss, he says, is destined to stay a bad boss. There is hope for things to turn around. Most employees feel that as long as they do their job everything will be okay, but is that true? Do the actions of the boss influence the job? Let’s take a look at how a good boss vs. a bad boss influences the workplace, as well as production. How does efficient supervisors influence the workplace?
It's best to work with a good experienced boss. A good boss focuses on the future ahead, trusting his or her team and steps aside to plan the next step. We take a good supervisor in our stride, often knowing that this is a lucky situation, but not appreciating the specifics of why. On the other hand, bad bosses make the work more difficult and less pleasant. A bad boss obsesses over current quarters, putting more pressure on the team. Bad bosses are not pleasing to be around. Another quality of a bad boss is inability to communicate. Forcing the workload to be less understandable, further maybe causing the pressure to fall on one individual. Thus, if this one individual should get sick, leave the company or take leave for a vacation, from my experience nothing will get done. Funny part about the example, a bad boss would run away from each and every one of those situation. Given a task to handle a good boss would trust their workers. Rather a bad boss who will be making routine checks, criticizes, belittles and disrespects the people under him or her.
In life we come across some many different walks of life, but we must be careful of those we encounter and how we treat them, we never know who someone will be, a good boss teaches and moves up, allowing other to grow and move up in the company. Although, these specific skills are traits of a good boss, not all boss have the skills to govern. Good supervisor lead with experience and coaches, when a bad boss only see workers instead of people. A good boss promotes growth and leads employees through the task at hand. Along with teaching and cross training, a good boss granting merit and time in with the company as a plus, leaving the turnover rate very low. Usually, a bad boss does not listen to what is being said or does not care about what is being said. Covering his or her position if a bad boss left for vacation wouldn't be difficult, if help is giving instead of administrating change. Being part of