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Lessons in Leadership from “Undercover Boss” (PostNet)
BA 600, Dr. Karen Lawson
Abayomi, Oushola B.
13th May, 2014

Name and position of boss:
Steve Greenbaum, CEO and co- founder of Post Net
Name and headquarters of company:
Post Net, Denver, Colorado
Brief description of company:
Post Net is an international franchise corporation, with over 700 locations across the globe, and is the fastest growing business services company in the world. It is also the only business in America that is focused specifically to provide resources and services to small business, helping with shipping of logistics, printing of documents, web support, design, etc. The main purpose of the company is to help small businesses thrive.
Brief description of boss’s job/assignments during his week working undercover:
Steve Greenbaum poses as “Bred Kelly”, a failed motorcycle business owner, hoping to win a grand prize to help him start up a new business. He works side by side with his employees to experience the everyday challenges his franchise owner’s experience so as to know what to do to help them grow the business. And also hoping to find out if a particular franchise owner is doing anything unique and special that he can implement in his organization to help improve profitability.
Job 1: Marketing Specialist in Clifton, NJ branch – worked with Todd on outreach to community, promotion, creating marketing materials.
Job 2: Packaging specialist in Bronx branch – worked with Dolton to see what packaging techniques is put into the work they are doing, and outreach to community.
Job 3: Assistant in Las Vegas branch – worked with franchise owner to learn how they have been able to weather the economy and ensure the growth of the brand and thrive again. Assisting in sorting of mails and putting them in the mailboxes according to their numbers for customers retrieval. Job 4: Trainee at Georgia branch – worked with a graphic designer to learn how to do some basic graphic designs such as creating handbills, brochure, posters, etc.
Leadership qualities he exhibited
As an effective leader, one of the most important quality to exhibit is humility. This was seen in his attitudes during his assignments at the four branches he worked and his interaction with the people. He showed the willingness to learn and when he didn’t know something he was not proud to ask for guidance. He also realized, from the stories he heard from staff, how fortunate he was and how difficult things were for the average folk.
Steve also exhibited confidence and ability to market and sell a product well which he did during the time of outreach to the community. His level of socialization, flexibility and friendliness were exhibited also especially when he was with Dolton (the packaging expert). He related well with him and spent some time at his house where he was able to share in part of his life’s story which uplifted him as they both had similar challenges in life and didn’t let it deprive them from moving forward.
He exhibited some leadership qualities by appreciating and always giving good compliments when he worked with his employees. For example, when he worked with the packaging expert while packaging the TV into the box for shipping, he commended him for a good job. This praise would make the employee want to put more effort in his job. Other examples of his appreciation were demonstrated by the rewards and compensation to those who had made sacrifices towards their jobs. He showed empathy towards those who had to struggle to keep their business flowing.
He exhibited good listening skills and was sensitive to the needs of his employees. A leader should not think about him or herself only but also think of his employees/ followers and make them happy to help the company grow and be productive. Steve was able to put a smile on the faces of his employees and relieve some of their burdens. He gave Todd a brand new motorcycle since he realized they both shared