Leadership and Service Essay

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Leadership and Service Initial Encounter Leadership and service are two well-known topics in the world. There are various leaders such as presidents, governors, mayors, and even teachers. As for the service aspect, there is the military, and those that simply serve in their community. Leadership and service are a great asset to the world we live in. When I think of good leadership, I think of someone that can run something and it flows smoothly. I also, think of good leadership as not being afraid to take a stand even if no one else will. Good leadership is being able to look at all aspects of a situation with an unbiased mindset, and picking the solution that best fits the situation. The person I think of when I think of good leadership is presidents. I don’t only think of the president of the United States, but presidents of companies, clubs, organizations, etc. These people are required to be in charge of the overall aspect of whatever they are running. I think people that hold rallies for good causes, and demonstrate positive behaviors are also good leaders. I believe that I am a good leader, because I am very outspoken and I lead by example. I also believe I am a good leader, because I don’t choose to do things because others are, but instead I do things because I feel it is right. I have had many leadership roles. For instance, I am the president of the dance team at my college and the Black Awareness Organization. I have been a manager at my job, but in normal aspects I have led many things to just help out in society. I have taken part in events and stepped up to take on a lead role. I like the aspect of being able to help people, or be a positive role model. My style of leadership is hands on. I like to be involved in whatever I am leading, whether it be at work, or just part of an event I’m in charge of. I don’t like the aspect of making others do all the work even if I am the one overlooking things. My approach is to hear all suggestions, and then come together to have a positive outcome. I am serious when necessary, but I