Leadership: Community Service and Student Government Association Essay

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Leadership Leadership is very important because, if there are no leaders to follow how will we know where to go or what to do. “Everyone can be a follower; but it takes a follower to become a leader.”- Donna Creach. Not everyone could be a leader because everyone thinks differently; there would be chaos. Leadership is defined as the action of leading a group of people or an organization. Leadership is not something you are born with. Leadership is something you learn, something you practice, and something that encourages others. Leadership appeals to me because I have personally been a part of it. I have participated in my school’s Student Government Association (SGA) for three years. My highest position has been Junior Class Vice President. Through SGA I have gained, developed and exercised leadership (skills), responsibility and citizenship. I participated in the South Florida Leadership Training Camp where I received a certificate for leadership. I have also attended multiple workshops, classes, and conferences held by the Florida Association of Student Council and the Southern Association of Student Councils. In SGA our focus does include leadership, learning, service as we also try to create global awareness. I have participated in multiple community service projects in an effort to change, meaning to make better our school, neighborhood and as well as our community. Through these activities I’ve not only gained