Leadership and Governance Essay

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The leader’s role in effective governance of organisations

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Subject : LEADERSHIP & GOVERNANCE Course Code : MGMT20152 Tutor: Grace Phan-Athiroj

Central Queensland University
Sydney January 2012

Since last decade there are major interest in executive directors’ role to achieve a high status and be recognized into organisations, universities and other entities. Nowadays, words as leadership, quality, and management have reached major relevance how a mechanism to build and develop comfortable environment work, and better quality of life for their all members or collaborates. Furthermore all these factors can be of use to encourage a high quality in customer
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As Cited by Russell R (2000, p 77) Leaders need clarify and understand their personal values system in order to forward good organizational values to others. Therefore, Leadership and governance are two fundamental pieces that fit each other, as a whole system into of the corporations, in these run on internal and external areas, turning a complex synergy from all different departments, for this reason leaders and followers appear as the most worth players to execute variety of duties. Consequently, there are different kinds of role in organizations. That in few cases, executive highly distinguished position are occupying by good leaders whose represent an unique philosophy of work, also being responsible for corporate behalf and outcomes, bringing transparency stewardship and trust toward shareholder, stakeholder, customers corporate stability However a hypothetical situation would be represented for bad leaders whose are characterized by lack empathy, poor personal values and highly authoritarianism. From this perspective, does not looks attractive the environment work due to lower empowerment and motivation over others. According to Watson G H, (2003) the role of business leaders and shareholders established a model of policies corporative which will be a parameter toward drive

future actions while the role of business leaders and their subordinates