Leads: Jesus and Career Planning Satisfaction Essay

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After accessing the focus and it’s content through “ university career services, I am completely content with results given to me. Currently my academic goals are quite tangible, with the notion that I am doing all that is possible to graduate in an appropriate amount of time. The results of my assessment are as following; in regards to the question “ What are your current educational plans” I noted the following; to graduate from Texas Tech University with a Bachelors of Science in Human Development And Family Studies, all the while upholding but currently retaining the strong grade point average I held during my first years of college. That these goals would answer the following “ What are your career goals “ To become a family practitioner “ but where I find the most joy are found in working with children in a medical sense. The assessment listed that I have strengths in Math & physical science in which I could agree, but have a decent amount of weaknesses in the areas of English, Music, and Foreign & Social Studies that I can’t stand in agreement with, as those are the are in which I excelled in my studies before coming to college. After completing the “ Career Planning Status Summary “ I was given the following scores regards to Self Assessment, Career Exploration and Career Planning Satisfaction on a scale of one to five, 1 being not prepared, 3 being more prepared, and finally the end of the sale 5 being very prepared. The results were as following, in regards to self assessment, noting that this is important because it enables you to identify which occupations and major study area are most compatible to your personal attributes I received a score of a (2.67). In regards to career exploration, I received a score of a (3.00) noting its importants, because it enables you to compare and evaluate occupations and major areas of study that appeal to you noting that I am moderately involved in career exploration. In final regards I received a high score of a (4.56) in the area of career planning satisfaction, which measures the extent to which you are satisfied with the results of your career planning activities and your ability to resolve problems that can interfere with your decision making abilities. All in which lined up accordingly with my results in personal development needs and the characteristics involved and the need of improvement or no improvement in area such as honesty organization, creativity flexibility, discipline, and etc. The results of the self assessment portion of the evaluation, noted that my work interest areas are investigative ‘ The thinker “ people in this category have a strong desire to understand cause and effect, and solving problems. Noting that individuals in this category often work in jobs that are scientific in nature. Secondly I was given the results of being highly “ Realistic “ noting that people in this category often prefer to work with objects and things, moreover that they are likely to enjoy creating things with their hands using tools and machines, playing sports or even working outdoors. My third highest score included being “ Social “ noting that people in this category prefer to work with others, tending to lean more towards being high verbal, expressing themselves well, and eem to get along in groups. Generally I would all say these people enjoy teaching, caring for others, volunteering, mediating disputes, meeting new people, and more importantly again working in groups. I could not have explained myself better, I fully on board with this section of my assessment. I received the lowest of scores in areas of being Conventional “ The organizer “ knowing that I am not very orderly, or in a moderate sense I am but things often go off into a tangent when I am overly booked, endly I would agree with this result. I also received the lowest scores in being artistic & enterprising,