Week 1 Discussion Essay

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Chapter 1 of your textbook includes, on page 9, Table 1.1, “Managing Change: Some Lessons from the Four Stories.” Review the four “lessons” (bullet points) on the table, and think about what some of the key “learning points” you gleaned about change from these stories. Then, do one of two things:1. Post the top three learning points you gleaned from the stories, and include how the stories for change helped you learn these points, or2. Research one of the four companies and see how or if that company has since changed (yet more) since the time of the book’s publication. How did that recent change fit with or not fit in with the “lessons” that the textbook mentions the company “learned” from their original set of changes? Explain what you …show more content…
Good communication allows for understanding of what needs to take place in order to make the change go by smoother. Your right they should consider the people that will be affected by this change because not many people have the capabilities to handle change. Being able to communicate well will give the individuals a understanding on how change will affect everyone. | |

| | RE: Welcome to Week 1 | Lucy Zubek | 7/8/2012 12:47:57 AM | | | After reading these stories, I recognized that all of them had a lot in common. The changes were made without preparing the customers, employees, and stockholders. For example in the Kodak article the investors were caught by surprise by the cuts Kodak was implementing. It is very important for companies to explain to their customers, employees, and stakeholders why the change is necessary and how it will benefit them. Without communicating these changes it will stir up a lot of negative reactions. Most employees with less seniority or lower education will worry about their future with companies and will most likely persuade poor performance in their positions while still employed.Among these four companies and many others, we have witnessed drastic employment reductions within last several years, which indeed, in my opinion was caused by varies factors, but mainly by lack of communication. Change is good and often necessary in order for companies to succeed but