Lean Six Sigma Essay

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Lean Six Sigma
Jabil is committed to delivering the highest quality products, services, and supply chain management processes in the industry. The ongoing use of Lean and Six Sigma principles throughout the company has enabled Jabil to improve manufacturing efficiency; reduce variations, defects and costs; eliminate product development waste and non-value added activities; improve process value stream flow; and deliver customer products in the most effective way.
The goal of Jabil's Global Lean Six Sigma team is to create a workforce of problem solvers, where everyone is focused on continually driving improvements in quality, delivery and cost. Prioritizing Lean Six Sigma is a significant part of Jabil's culture within our plants and throughout all functional departments, including finance, business development, product development, supply chain management and others. To foster continuous improvement at Jabil, different levels of the organization undergo different certifications: Shop floor, Bronze, Silver, Champion, or Black Belt. The Shop floor certification is geared at all direct labor employees and provides foundational Lean knowledge. The Bronze certification is focused on providing general awareness of Lean Six Sigma principles, systems and tools for eliminating waste and is directed at indirect labor employees (supervisors, engineers, managers and directors). The Silver certification is geared at managers and develops leadership skills and an in-depth knowledge of Lean principles and tools. The Champion Certification is a one-day program aimed at senior leaders supplying them with knowledge to facilitate change management within the company. The Black Belt training is directed at management and develops in-depth knowledge of Six Sigma principles for reducing variation.
Deliver Best Practices
To further support the Lean Six Sigma implementation, Jabil holds an annual continuous improvement