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Learning Styles

When taking the Learning Style questionnaire I learned that I am a visual learner. Being a visual learner allows me to learn better by sight, I learn better in knowing that I need to see things, and not just hear them to learn well. My results in taking the questionnaire gave me an opportunity to see my strengths and weaknesses.

* Auditory- 30% * Visual-50% * Tactile-20%

The three strategies that I can use to enhance my learning are:

1. Use Flashcards- To learn new concepts this actually helps me to visualize my ability to learn and focus in on my studies by seeing what I am learning using memory as a clear method to better understand my work. 2. Color Code- I learn well by highlighting my work to color coordinate what I need to remember to get good grades while in doing so I am able to pay close attention to colors or pictures to get a good visual of what I need to see in my own eyes to study.

3. Avoid Distractions- I have to avoid distractions since I am a visual learner some things can cause me to slow down, and not get what I need accomplished. Being so, I must make sure that I am in a quiet environment to study.

How can I apply this skill towards my courses? I can make sure that I demonstrate these strategies to help me complete my goals for a better me and especially in my learning overall. There was a time on my job that I needed to make a decision on a particular activity for our store. We had to read and take what they called a “Fast Track” course to learn about new store polices. When taking the