Learning Style Paper

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Learning Style
Jeanetta Burton
May 26, 2013
Leslie Key, Instructor

Learning Styles . To gain a better understanding of ones learning style, it is inevitable that each learner evaluate the way he/she processes information. There are assessments that will assist learners in finding strategies to enhance their learning potential. Many individuals recognize people learn in different ways, and each assessment taken will help identify techniques to become an effective learner. Every learner is different and may have more than one learning style. Others may have just one, and may utilize the learning style under different circumstances. There is no right or wrong style; however, it is imperative that each learner learns their own. I have to be honest, I was aware that I am a Visual Learner before I took the quiz. However, there were practices I learned that will enhance my personal learning style in the classroom. 1. What did you learn about yourself? After taking the VAK Learning Styles Explanation Quiz I was able to learn as a Visual Learner there are more stratigies I can incorporate into my learning. I have always preferred handouts, and other demonstrations that I can read while instructors teach; however, I learned there are phrases that I use such as ‘show me’ or ‘let me see that’ unintentially. I will prefer to have someone show me the task, and I perform the task afterwards. I work well with instructions that show me step by step what to do and I follow up the task by performing it visually. 2. Did it validate your learning style? If so, how? Yes, the assessment validated my learning style. The assessment refreshed my memory on why I performed task differently than other students. It helped me to learn as a Visual Learner the statements I make before and after I perform a task such as ‘show me’. I am aware of more things that I can use while learning that will benefit me in the classroom such as displays, flip-chart, and diagrams.
3. Were the results surprising? Explain.

No, the results were not surprising at all. Throughout my entire learning process in the classroom, work, church, and other learning environments I need visualization to learn. If I am sitting in a classroom setting, and I do not have any visualization then I am not