Learning To Read And Write Frederick Douglass Analysis

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Education is the process of learning knowledge to enlighten oneself with skills, values, and beliefs. Most people can argue that education is one of the most important and beneficial tool that is a necessity throughout life. In today’s world people traditionally obtain education through institutions called schools, where there is a teacher that teaches, and a student that learns. Everyone goes through obstacles to obtain education; but Malcolm X and Frederick Douglass both became educated and learned to read and write in a non-traditional way in a non-traditional environment. They both are of African American descent that lived in different centuries and societies that educated themselves to achieve true freedom. Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X show that literacy can be dangerous as they each develop a new identity using knowledge to fight oppression. Douglass taught himself to read and write in a society that condemns literacy in which he overcomes dangerous obstacles with dedication to obtain knowledge and to achieve freedom. Malcom X taught himself to read and write in a discriminating society and overcame …show more content…
“Learning to Read” by Malcolm X”, and “Learning to Read and Write” by Frederick Douglass, are very inspiring literatures that emphasize that if you put your mind to something, you can accomplish any task by having dedication. Malcolm taught himself dedication and hard work, which shows that reading is key to our knowledge and knowledge is the key to true freedom. Douglass’ story shows that knowledge and education were his keys for true freedom. Regardless of your race, it is a struggle to gain an education and to get through life with lack of education. These two men displayed that you must be dedicated to obtain your desire and that an education can be obtained by anyone, anywhere, and at