Legal Rights Essay

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Legal Rights
Ashley Sparks
Professor Jennifer MacNeil
Everest College
March 2,2013
Casey Anthony Every trial lies constitutional principals, complex legal procedures, rules of court, and interpretations of statues. These insure that the accused will receive a fair trial. Some legal rights may include the right to confront witnesses, right to counsel at trial to a speedy trial, right to be convicted by proof beyond a reasonable doubt, and etc. if these legal rights weren't upheld anymore It might cause numerous consequences. Sixth amendment states “in all criminal prosecutions the accused shall enjoy the right to be confronted with the witnesses against him.”. Not only so they have the right to confront the witnesses, but they also have the right to participate in his/her trial. One thing that can revoke his/her right is through misconduct. At that point the offender forfeits the right to appear by causing a disruption in the court room. Another reason that it may be forfeited is if a child witness is involved. Another reason that the defendant is not able to confront a witness is if the witness is dead. The right to counsel at trial applies throughout the whole process even in the interrogation room. Even though the accuser have the right to counsel, some accusers also have the right to represent themselves. Most judges approves their request. One of the ways that you can get this right taken from you is if you become disorderly and disruptive. When an accuser has a mental incompetency, the state can appoint counsel for them. However, the court has limitations when it comes to accuser representing themselves when capital cases where the defendant is incapable of making his own defense because of ignorance of illiteracy. Even thought there is no set time that defines a speedy trial, accusers has the right to a speedy trial. An 8 year trial is kinda excessive which requires a dismissal of the case in most cases. Having a speedy trial improves the credibility of trial by having the witnesses available, avoids something happening to the defendant preventing