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Letter to the Old Me
Dear Me,
Don’t be afraid to live. Live with no regrets. Life will have its series and events of challenges, fears and obstacles. Failure will occur, along with problems and difficulties. You may not have control over that fact. You do, however, have control with how you deal with it. You aren’t really alive unless life has problems. Learn from decisions, mistakes and regrets. Learn to accept your choices, whether good or bad, and how to grow from them. The biggest regrets in life arise from not knowing what would have happened. There will be opportunities in life where the rewards outweigh the risks and you should learn to take advantage of them. Remember that you’re only human; prone to mistakes. Life without risks is a life not worth living.
Do things moderately. Excess is never good. Seek equilibrium; live a balanced life with all your needs fulfilled. Excess means neglecting something else. Books aren’t everything. Take a break now and then, go out, and enjoy life. Success and satisfaction aren’t found solely in academics. Extra-curricular activities, community service and social events go a long way in being a proud, confident, all-rounded, and contented individual. Learning to balance academics and social activity leads to a more productive and meaningful life.
Understand what a true friend really is. “Friends take you places but never bring you back.” Such would be the case if a true friend took you places you wouldn’t want to be in the first place. People guilty of that are termed “acquaintances”. If your future and success is hindered by someone then he/she is not a friend indeed. True friends are genuinely good in nature; they desire to help you in bad times, encourage you in troubling times, and accept and appreciate you for who you are. A true friend will not laugh at you at your misery, put you down in bad times, or change who you are to accept you. Learning how to differentiate what a real friend is from an acquaintance, even enemy, is essential to your health and happiness.
Peers will pressure you. Don’t succumb to it. Society today places much emphasis on drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, partying and sex. You call it, I probably did it. Why do we engage in such activities? The most common reason