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To accept these Terms and Conditions.
That you have read and understood the Pre Contract information (the SECCI and an explanation of your loan) before signing this agreement.
That the details you have given are true and complete.
That signature to this agreement acknowledges receipt of a true copy.
You confirm that:
(a) You received your salary payment on your last payday;
(b) You are aged 18 or over;
(c) The information that you have provided on the loan application form (either online or written) is a true and accurate representation of your personal and financial details;
(d) You have no reason to believe that your future salary payments will not be paid to you; and
(e) You do not know of any circumstances or arrangements that would hinder your ability to meet your repayment obligations under this agreement, including being represented by a Debt Management Company on a current repayment plan or proposals to enter into a repayment plan with a Debt Management Company;

1.6 You authorise WageDay Advance Ltd to collect by Direct Debit, Debit Card, Electronic or any other means any monies owed under this agreement, from any Bank or Cheque Account, of which you have supplied us with details.
1.7 You agree to us contacting you at work, or home, in person, via text, or via email to discuss your account or application.
1.8 All sums owed under this agreement, including interest, shall become due and payable immediately if: (a) We believe you have provided us with any false information when you entered into this agreement.
(b) We reasonably suspect that you have entered into the agreement on a fraudulent basis or suspect that you are using this agreement for money-laundering activities;
(c) A statutory demand is served on you, or any other steps are taken by you or any other person, to make you bankrupt.
1.9 You must inform us immediately of any change in name, home address, e-mail address, job, pay frequency, change of bank details and/or Debit card, or any other circumstances relating to your ability to discharge your liabilities under this agreement.

2.1 When you enter into this agreement you agree to repay us the amount of repayment due by Direct Debit where a valid mandate applies.
Alternatively you agree to repay us the amount of the repayment due by debit card and you permit us to take money from your account using the debit card details provided for this purpose. This is referred to as Continuous Payment Authority ("CPA").
2.2 We will contact you by email and/or text message at least three (3) days prior to the date that your repayment is due ("Due Date") to remind you when payment is due. Please contact us if you are having repayment difficulties.
2.3 Repayments will be taken on the Due Date by Direct Debit or by CPA. If repayment is by Direct Debit we will make one attempt to take the total amount outstanding on the Due Date. If repayment is by CPA we will attempt to take the following, payments on the Due Date:
STEP ONE - 100% of the amount outstanding on the particular day of the attempt (the "Total Amount Outstanding");
If step one is unsuccessful:
STEP TWO - 50% of the Total Amount Outstanding:
If step two is unsuccessful, we repeat steps one and two once again in that order
If step two is successful, so we have recovered half of the Total Amount Outstanding. We will then try
STEP THREE - 25% of the Total Amount Outstanding.
If step three is unsuccessful, we will try for the last 50% which remains unpaid.
If step three is successful, we will try for the final 25% which remains unpaid.
2.4 Where we cannot obtain the amount outstanding on any Due Date, we will make attempts to contact you and find out why, and agree alternative repayment arrangements. It is in your interest to discuss your situation with us. If you are suffering financial hardship, we will show forbearance in