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Unit 515 Lead and manage group living for adults

1. Review current theoretical approaches to group living provision for adults
Over the year’s different theoretical approaches to group living provisions for adults have changed the way in which we offer our care services and living provisions. Person centred planning has had major impacts and affected group living in many ways, Eric Erikson developed a theory that divides an individual’s life into eight stages that extend from birth to death (unlike many developmental theories that only cover childhood). Erikson (1902-94)
This means that when reviewing and updating the need of a service user you would not only look at their physical needs you would also review social and
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Prior to this assessment (A) was able to access local amenities independently and with other service users and no risks or concerns were apparent but quickly became apparent due to deterioration of their mental health they were at risk as some service users that would accompany (A) were notifying staff that (A) was not crossing roads safely, also staff members on days off had also seen (A) out and about and also had concerns with regards to their safety. The relevant procedures were followed i.e. social worker notified, support plan and risk assessment amended and an occupational therapist was also assigned to (A) over several months (A) was assessed going out alone, being left at home for a short period of time and with the ongoing deterioration of mental health was quickly deemed a risk being alone. As the weeks passed it was apparent that (A) was becoming frustrated at the fact they could not go out independently and on a few occasions despite being told to wait inside the home for transport to collect them had made their own way to the day centre and had also gone out independently at the weekends as it wasn’t always feasible for staff to go out and support service users as there are times where the staff are dealing with urgent issues etc, with the ongoing concerns and (A) becoming more challenging probably due to lack of independence it was decided that we would ask the occupation therapist for a review