Liberal Feminism vs. Radical Feminism Essay

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Liberal Feminism and Radical Feminism

The goal of feminism as both a social movement and political movement is to make women and men equal not only culturally, but socially and legally. Even though there are various types of feminism that focus on different goals and issues, the ultimate end to feminism is abolishing gender inequality that has negative effects on women in our society. The issues and goals that a feminist may have are dependent on the social organization or the type of economic structure that is present. However, an ultimate end (a goal, achievement and/or accomplishment) would have to be social equality between men and women. This would mean the elimination of bias and discrimination towards women and the elimination
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Essentially, women must be like men. Radical feminism promotes the basis for many of the ideas of feminism. They always clash with the ideas of liberal feminism, because radical feminists believe that society must be changed at its core in order to abolish patriarchy. Unfortunately, this type of feminism also attracts a lot of negative attention creating a backlash of feminism. Radical feminists believe that the domination of women is the oldest and worst kind of oppression in the world. They believe this because it spreads across the world oppressing women of all races, ethnicities, classes and cultures. Sometimes radical feminists believe that they must rage a war against men, patriarchy, and the gender system, which confines them to social roles. They completely reject these roles, all aspects of patriarchy, and in most cases, they reject men as well.
Radical feminism is a very intense, emotional and aggressive form of feminism. The circumstances which radical feminism came about can only be described as a backlash and an objectification towards men after they felt they were being constantly oppressed by men and treated not as humans, but as objects. So it is only right that most radical feminists blame men for the oppression and barriers women face in our society. Radical feminism seems to focus on the constant wrongdoings that men do. They argue that because men feel the need to