Lies My Teacher Told Me Summary

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James W. Loewen (a professor of sociology at the University of Vermont and teaches in Washington D.C.) wrote a book, Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong (1996) on how American history books are wrong on how they portray history in America. In his book, he describes how high school students dislike history and how students see it as boring. Loewen explains that history books are very predictable and lacks the depth to make the stories intriguing. He also states that history books are biased and remove any information that would say negatively on any particular American icon. Loewen sees history textbooks to shower the reader in optimism and a simple-minded point of view. He also sees the textbooks having "thousands of "Key Terms,"Matching" items, "Fill in the Blanks,"Thinking Critical questions, and Review Identifications," as well as still more "Main Ideas" at the ends of the various sections of each chapter" makes it hard for students to remember key events in American history. (Greene & Lidinsky, 388). Loewen sees history books teaching events that have been skewed over time to show only how heroic or influential people and …show more content…
Language classes mostly teach the formal way to speak and write and not teach a language based on the cultural common aspect. All languages and dialects change over time and the educators need to be more aware of the changes and teach based on the changes. American history textbooks have been so bogged down with useless information and take away from the meaning full information. Languages and American history are not the only examples that have fallen victim to change. Educators need to be willing to do the work collectively and offer a more useful education plan to help better their students for the