Life Is An Hourglass Essay

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Sydney Karns
Shana Kraynak
Composition I
September 24th 2013

Life Is An Hourglass Time flies by so quickly and when you think about the past, you realize that the years have flown by. When we are young, we do not realize the importance of life, because we do not have to. When I was a kid I had fun all the time and I made every minute enjoyable, no matter what it was that I was doing. Now that I have grown up, I see that there are many more responsibilities that I have to handle. One day my boyfriend and I were bickering and it really turned into this snow ball effect and just turned into this big argument. It is crazy how one small little unimportant thing could cause such an exaggerated argument. Now that I think about it I honestly cannot even remember the reason why we were even bickering in the first place. Nevertheless, it turned our whole day upside day and it became a horrible day. I do not remember why I was so mad, but I was. When I watch movies, it takes my mind off of the problems that I have to deal with. I sat down and logged onto Netflix. I was searching for a decent movie to watch. I scrolled through all of the different types of movies for a while and I finally came across a movie called “A Little Bit of Heaven”. I did not even look at the description of the movie, but the title caught my eye and I saw that Kate Hudson was starring in it so I decided to try watching it. The main character in this movie is a woman named Marley Corbett. She has everything she could ever really want, or so she thought. She has a pretty promising job that could lead somewhere, she has great friends and a unique sense of humor about life. She did not really think that anything was missing and she was pretty happy. One day Marley had gone to the doctors and eventually found out from her doctor Dr. Julian Goldstein that she was suffering from colon cancer. It was too far gone that it could not be cured. While she was under anesthesia for her colonoscopy, god appears in her dream. He grants Marley three wishes. Her first wish is for money, second is to be able to fly and the third she saves. Not too long after Marley and her doctor end up being friends, getting pretty close and they started falling for each other. Being the independent woman that Marley is, she gets scared and pushes Julian away. As a little bit of time passes she gets sicker and sicker. One day she notices a family in the park, a husband, wife, and kids all enjoying their time together. It finally comes to Marley what shes missing... She wants a family of her own. That could never be possible because time is running out for her. She realizes she wants to spend all the time left she can with Julian so she runs back to him and they spend every last waking moment together. They cherished every second they spent together. Marley eventually became too sick and she passes away. Julian was mournful but he knew she would always be in his heart. The moral of this movie is that life is a gift and it should be celebrated in the short time that we are here on earth with our loved ones. This movie helped me realize that I didn't want to spend my life wasting time. I did not want to fight with the people who love me over something so stupid. I want to