Life Is An Involuntary Push Forward

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Life is an involuntary push forward Our birthright is a world full of questions and no answers. We have no choice but to exist and to go on with our lives. Society gives us answers and for some reason all of us remain unsatisfied. Are we insatiable or just broken? We don’t know what we are really but every day we seem to find out something new about ourselves and what we are physically. We understand that something is wrong with us but none of us can quite put a finger as to what that may be. Without the answers to any of the above questions we can’t even begin to prescribe a cure for our any of our ailments. We believe ourselves to be unique to the universe. That somehow we have something that no other creature has or could possibly obtain. From what we have seen we are different somehow, we can understand our own existence and we have a sort of understanding of our own existence. We feel pain; we hunger and have a desire to keep on living. We are not unlike animals, but we are different in two ways. From what I understand our brains are developed differently from any other creatures that we know of. Our prefrontal cortex seems to be more developed and from this we are able to communicate and form languages at a level of complexity no other creature, that we know of, has been able to replicate. Through this we are able to develop ideas, and have interests different from animals. Our second difference is a level of consciousness that is tied to our intellect. We cannot compare a jelly fish to a dog the same way we compare a dog to a human. If a dog were put in a moment of near death it would not reflect all the things it’s done wrong in its life, it will not have regrets, or really wish to keep on living in order to do good in the world.
Humans can take simple thoughts and complicate them, turn them abstract even display them in different mediums. Now because of this level of intellect we are able to distinguish ourselves from their physical bodies and our own mind. We have the person we believe ourselves to be and the body that was given to us. Our body was given to us by our parents, by genetics and in this sense our construction is not unique from anything else in this planet it is what actually ties us to our planet. Every person is unique from the other even if they share the same genetic code because they are made up of their experiences. Experiences as the human perceives them are different from an animals’. An animal can avoid pain but a human will wonder why it was them that had been hurt. The questions we ask ourselves after we experience are all different depending on the person. Another example of this is the difference between gender and sex. Some of us are born with male body parts yet somehow still believe themselves to be different. It is the same when it comes to the difference between a person and a human being. I do not remember ever wanting to be born. I do not remember ever having a choice in having a life. I simply came into existence and I was born into a world that had already been inhabited and structured by other people like me, who simply came into being. We are involuntarily placed on this earth; we have no choice but to move forward with our lives. From the moment we are born we are given questions that we feel the need to be answered. We have these questions, like what is the meaning of life. The human race has created theories that we as a people believe without question. The society that we are born into gives us the answers, though the answers do not come with evidence or any solid facts the answers are simply answers. These answers that are given to us are theories, hypothesis. It would be like asking why lights turn on when we flick on a switch and somebody answering that it pokes a mouse which in turn runs on a wheel that generates the electricity that powers the light. It’s certainly a possibility that the mouse is real and that story is true, according to my knowledge this isn’t