Essay on Literacy: Primary School and State Standardized Test

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Literacy AutobiographyWhat is the meaning of the word literate? The definition of literate is having the ability to write and read. I am going to take you back to my childhood when I was first entering kindergarten, which was the beginning of me turning into a literate person. Before I started kindergarten my mom is the one who taught me my alphabets and numbers. Since my birthday is in November and school starts in September I was supposed to wait another year before I turned five to start kindergarten. Instead my mom talked to my elementary school principal and argued with him to admit me into his school until he gave in and said I had to take a reading and math test. I don’t remember much of taking the test but I know I passed and was admitted to kindergarten in Loesche Elementary School. As a four-year old kindergartener I felt special since I was up to the same level as the older kids.When I moved onto first grade for some odd reason I was put into ESOL for my reading level. The school thought I was up to pace with the reading level since I did below the standard on the state standardized test. My mom was angry with me because she thought I was supposed to be good in English since I was born here which in my opinion was a biased thought. A lot of people in America are illiterate even though they are born here, so in my opinion I think that people who are taught in other countries then come here to finish there school are more literate than some of the people who went to