The Hobbit Literary Analysis

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Literary Analysis Essay

What is the definition of a hero? Well I think a hero is brave and willing to risk his/her life for someone else’s. Hero’s are made from the challenges they face because every hero as been faced with challenges. There were many challenges that Bilbo Baggins faced in the book The Hobbit and the way he handled these challenges that were thrown at him is what made him a hero.

The first challenge that Bilbo faced was saving his friends the dwarves from the Elvenkings jail. Bilbo dealt with this challenge by using his magic ring to break his friends out of the Elvenkings jail. Then Bilbo figured out a plan that would get the dwarves through the Elvenkings magic walls by sending them in barrels down a stream. This challenge impacted Bilbo by letting him and his friend continue on their quest to regain their treasure.

The next challenge that Bilbo faced on his quest was playing a life and death game with a blood thirsty creature. To explain, Bilbo was forced to play a riddle game in order to stay alive. The terms of this game were simple, if Bilbo guessed a riddle wrong then he would get eaten. But if Gollum (the creature) guessed wrong then he would have to show Bilbo out of the cave. Bilbo overcame this challenge with a little bit of luck and a whole lot of memories. In the end this event Bilbo to find the way out of the cave and revealed secrets about his magic ring.

The last challenge Bilbo was faced with was the saving again of his friends from