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In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s writings of the Birth Mark, Hawthorne uses the “crimson hand mark” on Georgiana to portray a tone of sadness, and to also expose the self-image aspect women are given by their physical image (421). This story takes place in the mid 1840’s, and during this time period women are observed from a self-image point of view. Their self-image is what makes a man want to marry and love these women. An example given to portray this point of view is the marriage of Aylmer and Georgiana. Love is what occurs in their marriage but one question asked by Aylmer, makes Georgiana wonder if he truly loves her for Georgiana. Born with a “crimson hand mark” upon her left cheek, Aylmer ponders the thought of removal. This evokes the change of observation given on women. After sleepless nights of tears, doubt and most important the love of her husband, Georgiana displays a tone of sadness not just for herself, but for the other quiet women dealing with the same issue. This period of time young women were married at a young man and depending on their physical appearance decides their fate. Although Georgiana had the birth mark on her face, Aylmer never acknowledged it until a dream one night. When brought to his attention then his wife’s physical appearance became an issue. Not only did he see this so called “flaw,” but everyone whom he strolled the streets with. Society in this time played a huge key on the exposure of women. How they were treated and how their physical appearance portrayed in the towns they wondered in. Females are to care, nurture and tend to their husband and children, nothing more and nothing less. How they exposed