Literary Essay The Crucible

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Literary Essay (The Crucible)

Andrea Hope

Ms. Kyle


November 23 2014 We have nothing to fear but the accusation of witch craft and fear itself. Abigail has started everything to do with the witch craft, everyone is in believes of what she is doing and saying. John is scared for his wife Elizabeth, afraid that Abigail will win and everyone will think and believe that Elizabeth is the culprit for starting the witch craft. Marry Warren is standing up for Abigail while not knowing what to do. She keeps going back and forth on her decision of whether or not to stand up for Abigail, or tell the truth. Arthur Miller develops fear through character development and conflict throughout his play The Crucible. Abigail is a static character and always had been very sneaky. She started out as a calm person, but then became physco when John put down his foot. While she has started the whole witch craft and everyone believes her about seeing the devil and that these people are witches, she is obsessed with John and wants him badly. “John I am waiting for you every night “(Abigail 22). Abigail is mad at John, she wants him for herself but john now loves his wife. Abigail is seeking a way for her to get back a John for not liking her. She is trying to accuse Elizabeth for the whole witch craft by putting everything on her shoulders. Everyone is becoming ferrous and doesn’t know what to do. John Proctor is protective but a sneaky character all at once, and fears for Elizabeth. He acts as if he is loyal to his wife and protects her, the best he can. John has had intercourse with Abigail and doesn’t want Elizabeth to find out, but Elizabeth has some suspicions about her as a person and doesn’t want john around her. “Then go and tell her she is a whore. Whatever promise she may sense- break it, John, break it” (Elizabeth 62). John fears for Elizabeth’s fear while trying everything he can do to protect her. Just after Elizabeth, along with many other are accused of witch craft. Everyone could be protected and not accused if only someone would speak up and tell the truth. Marry Warren is a developing character and can’t make a decision on what she should do. She keeps flip flopping back and forth trying to decide what side she should be on. To be on the girl’s