Liturgical Year and Presentation Essay

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For my oral presentation I decided to talk about staying safe whilst travelling abroad. This topic is close to my heart. In 2010 I was fortunate enough to travel through South East Asia. Whilst on my travels I had my bag stolen with all of my personal belongings in. It was very difficult at the time and for my presentation I wanted to share information with the audience that I felt could help keep not only their property safe but also themselves.

I spent a lot of time researching and confirming things that I already knew, this was to ensure I was giving out factual information to the audience. I decided what information I wanted to include in my presentation and then I formed a structure with the help of prompt cards. I decided to include a power-point presentation, this was so I could show some pictures of when I was travelling and the places I had been too. I rehearsed my presentation many times and because of my passion on the subject I felt very confident.

During the presentation I was very confident, I spoke clearly and with passion. I believe that the audience believed what I was saying and throughout I made eye contact with them, they seems interested in what I was saying and at the end many questions were asked which I had no trouble in answering. Although I did have a power-point which showed some pictures at the end, I did not really take advantage of the aids available and in hindsight I would of preferred to have maybe used some leaflets or a more detailed power-point; however overall I am happy with my performance.

I do not think that my aids were very effective throughout the presentation, mainly because I did not take advantage of them. I barely used my prompt cards as I had practiced my presentation that many times that I did not actually need prompts. The power-point I made was extremely basic and only showed the audience pictures so throughout the whole presentation the audience was focused my me and using more aid would have helped break that up. I do not think the audience were bored of me however it is a great risk when you do not use aids correctly. For…