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Caroline Mauney
Mrs. Kim Tolbert
March 25, 2014
My Philosophy of Education
What is your general philosophy toward education in general?
It is my belief that through education, an individual will receive the vital skill and tool that are necessary to build a life that is prosperous and successful. Within and educational setting, students should be encouraged to solve problems similar to those that they will encounter outside of school, and this instills in them skills that are necessary to become malleable problem solvers in preparation towards their adult lives. I believe that , as teachers, it is our duty to ensure that learning takes place in a safe , open , and supportive environment , so that students can learn the important traits of developing and fostering positive relationships with others.
Next the reason I choose to become a teacher is in my desire to make a positive impact on the lives of children. Teaching is also a noble and greatly rewarding profession in which one is able to directly change
What is your philosophy toward early childhood education? I believe in the saying ‘it takes a whole village to raise a child’. Therefore it is my responsibility to take part in caring for all children that are a part of my life; in my own family, in my community, in my own classroom, and in other classrooms. I also believe children are essentially good. I do not believe there are “bad” children; only inappropriate behaviors. Childhood should be a happy, stress-free time: a time when children can experience physical and emotional security, a time for play, and a time for learning through exploration and developmentally appropriate activities. Self-esteem, a positive attitude toward life, and cooperative, pro-social behavior are important in a child’s life and as educators and caregivers we need to foster positive growth in all these areas.
Which theorist(s) supports your educational beliefs? Lev Vygotsky sociocultural supports my educational beliefs. The reason why I believe diversity is more than skin color. Culture is one’s experiences, beliefs and values accepted by the group. The United States is deepened with a countless number of cultures, and we need to celebrate the diversity of these cultures. The old melting pot theory taught our ancestors that Americans should blend all their cultures together to become a new American culture. I prefer the salad bowl theory of diversity; each culture brings its unique characteristics and these characteristics brings flavor to the salad without losing distinction, in the same way that cucumber, onion and tomato add distinct flavor to the tossed salad. I also can relate Scaffoldina and the Zone of Proximal Development ever child learns on own and needs some help form adults/
What is your role as a teacher in early childhood education?
My role as an early childhood education teacher will require me to wear many hats. I need to be flexible knowing my job can change on a daily basis. I will be to lead children down new paths. I will follow children on their journey of learning. I will keep children safe from harm. As an early childhood teacher, I am responsible to find new experiences to share with children. I am to guide children, do not lead them, and move in a direction that interests the child. I will allow the child to choose their learning and playing style while making safety your one of my number one concern .I will not act like I know everything. I will develop a partner in learning and encourage children to find their own answers instead of providing the answers for them. This way I can learn with the children and share in their experiences. I will support learning by providing activities and materials that children find engaging. I will facilitate learning, by supplying a developmentally appropriate environment, interesting materials, and adequate time to explore, play, and interact, this will make learning easy and fun for children. I