Lost Boy Lost Girl Analysis

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3. At what point in the book did you decide if you liked it or not? What helped make this decision?

To know if I like a book, I may have to read the whole book. Although, sometimes I can just look at the front cover. But in Lost Boy, Lost Girl, I realized that I liked the book after reading just a few paragraphs. Lost Boy, Lost Girl opens with John and Martha talking about what their life was like before the war. Including who their family is, what they do for a pastime, and where they live. Some of these things made me know that this was a book that I liked, including many other reasons.

One point in the book that helped me realize how much I like it was when I was introduced to John's character and his family. This also included some of the values of his tribe. "When I was a young boy, my great-uncle Aleer-Manguak was killed while trying to protect our cattle from a lion. His bravery made me proud" (Page 9 Paragraph 1). From this quote, I know that something the Dinka tribe values is bravery, and Aleer-Manguak showed us that right from the beginning.
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Martha and her sister were very close, which reminds me of my sister and I. "My father was a policeman, but early in the morning before he went to work and before the scorching sun was very high in the sky, he and my mother would take Tabithia and me with them while they worked in a garden they had not far from our house" (Page 18 Paragraph 1). This shows how close the family is and how much time they spend together, which can relate to my