LOTF Piggy Essay

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David Yang Yang 1
Mrs. Garland
Period 2

Piggy Piggy was the first character to be introduced together with Ralph. He was a short and overweight boy who wears glasses. His family wasn’t very reach and he lived with his aunt, because his parents died. Piggy was very smart, but the kids wouldn’t listen to him because of his asthma and his body size. However, he remained sensible and stays along side with Ralph the whole story. Just like Ralph, Piggy is also the symbol of civilization. He believes in science and does not believe in the existence of the beast. He is the one who always encourages the kids along with Ralph telling them that there is always hope that their fire will be seen by a ship. Piggy found the conch when he and Ralph was first introduced, and he gave it to Ralph to summon the other kids, which made Piggy a follower and Ralph a leader. His glasses also played a very big role in this story. He has poor eyesight and his continuous cleaning of glasses represents Piggy trying to stay sensible. His glasses were also the only thing that could start a fire, which made Jack raiding Ralph’s camp and stealing the glasses. Piggy was probably the most mature kid in the group, because of the ideas and thoughts he had. Whenever he holds the conch and tries to speak, he was always interrupted by people and although what he says was