Love and Loving Heart Essay

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Rehearsal Dinner Prayer

Lord, I offer this prayer of thanksgiving to you this evening.
I ask that you bless all of the people who are here to celebrate the marriage of Ben and Pieper and to protect and love all of the ones who were unable to join them in this celebration.
Lord, I ask for a special blessing for Ben and Pieper as they join hand in marriage. May your presence and love always be a part of their life. That your gift of peace, health and happiness be a blessing upon them.
Lord, Bless the food we are about to eat and make it as nourishing as your words have been and may we be blessed by your love always. Amen
A Mother’s Love
On this night of Jesus’s birth,
His mother waited with open arms,
To love and hold her precious baby.

A mother waits to teacher her child
To sing and to play.
She waits to introduce her child
To all of the wonders of this world.

She teaches him to Love others,
To be kind,
To respect others with the same respect that she has shown him.
She teaches him to respect and cherish life,
To always use kind words with a gentle hand.

She watches over him day and night,
With her loving heart and gentle voice.
She teaches him to pray to his Father
With the same loving heart.
She teaches him to worship God day and night.

She cooks and she cleans for him.
She wipes his tears and kisses his hurts.
She looks at him with her loving eyes
Which shines brightly.

She prays to heaven above That God helps her raise her son,
To be in the image and likeness of his Father.

She prayers to the angels in heaven to watch over you
And to keep the devil far from you.
She holds you tight
And kisses you good night.

She will always love you with her loving heart.
She will always want to be with you every step of the way.
She will always pray to God to help keep you safe.
She will always hold you tight and kiss you good night.

By Nan Peck

Christmas Prayer

As we celebrate the birth of Christ, I pray that the Lord will always be in your life. That you will feel his presence especially in time when you need him most. I pray that he fills your life with all of the Graces that have been promised to us. I pray that your live will be filled with peace, love, joy, health and knowledge and that with these gifts that you use them to help God fulfill his kingdom here on earth. I pray that the love that I feel for you is present in your life that you feel the joy that you give to me in my life.
I pray this same wish for the ones that are not here with us this Christmas, Ben, Pieper, and Tony. I want to thank you Lord for seeing that everyone made it home safely and