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Dear Future Padideh,
This is Padideh Alikhani and right now I’m 13 years old. You are finally passing grade 12. I had some good and bad times but I actually made it. I’m so proud of you. You met some many good friends.
Suzyana is one of my favorite best friends. I met her in grade 6 in Ms.Oliver class and Ms. was always there for me when I’m sad. She’s like my sista. I had some good times and bad times. She would always invite me everywhere she goes. We went to this road trip to Vancouver to California to Las Vegas. OMG One time we had the crush on this guy then we had a commutation who he wanted to date then I won LOL. (JK) When we were in Vegas, we would always look out the window and see those hot shirt less guys. So many good times. I will always love you.
Monica is like my perverted friends that i love. We once went to her house in 2013 and we were with Sophia and Christina , it was so funny that Christina took Sophia Jelly Belly cup and then Sophia was crying in the corner, some great times. Haha. Me and Monica have our inside jokes. My first vine was Monica and her vine was me. We has some bad times about Amy and shit. I was saying I really want to be friends with Monica forever.
James, OMG My crush, My lover. I can't believe it that I'm still talking to him. He is like my BBG I love him so much. He is always there for me. I can actually tell him everything and I trust him that's our thing. TRUST FALL . One day I just want to go out with him and maybe have my umm fifth kiss? His my favorite guy friend and he will always be my guy friend or my boyfriend hehe. One time we went to Lafarge park with few of his friends and a few my friends and we had so much fun. I always kept giving him hugs at the park because he had smooth skin like a baby's ass. Once we almost kissed BUT I COULDNT REACH IT. DAMN IT. I'm just so happy that I met him in grade 7. If I didn't I would have a boring grade 7 but I didn't because he was there for me. James had small things about his dad and I felt bad for him. OMG every night I would talk to him at 8 to like 11 pm. We would talk about all kinds of things. My old crush his old girl friend, family friends and plans for the future but now it is the future. He was my date to the much music dance in 2013 but she went with the douche Daniela. but we still danced and danced. What a good time I touched his ass yaaa. I'm grateful that I met the hottest nicest guy. Thanx BBG!
Christina. Haha Hipster gurl. RIGHT HERE. Christina is like the coolest person ever but sometimes she can go crazy and get angry really fast. But who gives a crap anymore. We had some good times and bad times but the good thing that we had so much fun at my birthday party one thing is bad that she talked behind our backs ( me, Monica, Amy, Jenny, Sophia and Katie) One day we ditched her and we talked behind her back because she disserved it then when she saw we ditched her. She cried a lot but then next day we were like if you don't do this again, we can still be friends. After when we told her she said ok. We believed her. So we went with the flow. Ahh one thing we hate about her is that she always hated Amy. It's annoying if she is talking behind her back about Amy still. Well me and Monica are finish with that shit. She's a cool and nice friend.
Bogdan was my old crush. He always made me laugh and shit. He would always like to show off his moves and always