Essay about Love: Love and Live Better Lives

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Is love an illusion? Love is not an illusion. It is as real as the sun that rises every morning and the moon that shines every night. As human beings, we need love in order to survive. Without love, we would not exist. Everyday, we encounter new people and form new relationships, as well as spend time with our existing relationships. Relationships, such as friendship or even marriage, are necessary to truly fulfill our lives, or else a life of loneliness and isolation would be lived. Without love, we would not be able to care for one another, for that is an action that arises from love. Love is unseen, but it is a concept that is truly shared among all. Why would a mother or father die for his or her children if at the end, the mother or father may die and the fate of the children would no longer be in their hands? If later on, the children are killed by a tragic misfortune, would the sacrifice of the mother and father be worth it? The act of sacrificing one’s life for another is an action resulting from love. Love allows us not to be selfish but instead permits us to be generous, attentive, and protective of one another. Some may say that love is an illusion necessary to bind two people together in marriage to achieve life’s ultimate goal, which is to produce children; therefore, as a result, the older the couple gets, the less affectionate they are to one another due to the lack of love. I believe this not to be true. Love does not simply bind two people together “blindly”. As many expressions utilized today, such as “love makes you blind”, are merely a perception of what love may be. Love does not blind, rather allows the person to accept the other person for who they really are, and instead focusing on the other person’s negative aspects, it gives the opportunity to value the other person for his or her positive attributes. If love is neglected in life, only emptiness and despair