Essay on Lululemon Internal Analysis

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Submitted to: Professor Ken Grant
Course: BUS 800 Date: October 22,
2014 Team Members: Samia Attlassy,
Peter Burkholder, Maria Castellanos,
Bobby Panesar & Feroze Shah
Team #9: Strategy+

Internal Analysis
Overall Current Strategy
*The following information taken directly from the case*
• Grow the store base in North America, primarily United States
• Open additional stores outside North America
• Increase awareness of the lululemon brand and apparel line
• Incorporate next-generation fabrics and technologies in the company’s products to strengthen consumer association of the lululemon brand with technically advanced apparel products and enable lululemon to command higher prices for its apparel
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Naturally, with all else remaining equal it can be rationally assumed that the above-mentioned financial information and analysis provide support and facilitate growth towards lululemon’s future strategies.

2. How well is the company’s present strategy working?


• Elevating the world from a place of mediocrity to a place of greatness.
• Past - “Providing people with the components to live a longer, healthier, and more fun life, trough developing the highest quality products, operating with integrity, leading a healthy balanced life, self-empowerment and self responsibility, positive inner development, and individual goal setting.”
• Present - “Creating components for people to live longer, healthier, fun lives” through the
Six Core Concepts of Vision and Goals, which consist in: possibility, vision, balance, audacity, format, and integrity.
Strategic Objectives:

To grow the company’s corporate owned store base within North America, therefore increasing sales per square foot
To keep on utilizing strong brand equity to increase the company’s brand awareness among the target, therefore remaining positioned as a status symbol and remaining positioned at the top of the market
To continuously differentiate products through technological innovation and secure patents for developed fabrics, to lead to stronger brand recognition for the company
To broaden the target the brand is