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Me’Gan Caesar
December 3, 2010
Annotated Bibliography

Lupus Erythematosus

Szuda, Stephanie “Health: Life with Lupus.” The Times. 11 Jan 2008. 19 Nov 2010. <>
The story is about a 25 year old guy name Jason Holland. Jason is living with Lupus Erythematosus. Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease. He has internal and external lupus that affects his internal organs and skin. He takes 15 pills a day just to make it through the day. He goes to the doctor three to four times a month just to keep track on how his body is working well with his everyday life (“health life2). Holland has to overcome major health issue just to make it thought the day. He really couldn’t do much in school so he
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Some people have died waiting for treatment and now there is something out there for them to try.

Lupus Fighter. <> 8 Aug 2009 – present. Electronic
In this video the girl talks about how many pills she talks on a daily bases. She also talks about how active she is in sports while she deals with Lupus. Lupus is a serious disease and she want to get everybody aware of how serious the disease it really is. She also has other video to show the world how she lives day to day dealing with Lupus. She shows her good days as well as her bad days. Her advice for people that deal with Lupus is to stay positive and know that they will have bad day but the good days out way the bad. The videos are good to watch because it can help to better understand Lupus form a people that is deal with first hand.
The girl that is hosting these videos on YouTube is a real person that is dealing with a real disease. She has beaten all odds of life. She is making these videos to show everybody that there is a better side of life this disease. These videos take you into her life as an outsider looking in. Just watching these videos make us appreciate our life without a deadly disease. She is very active in her community and at school. She even plays sport and has a positive head on her shoulder. I think that anybody that want to learn more about this