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Life itself is a blessing and something you should be grateful to have the opportunity to live. Despite the ups and downs and the different tribulations we experience, your life is a beautiful thing. Some of us aren’t the best optimist or look for the good in the worst situations but little do you know, being appreciative provides a higher level of positive thinking. For example, life is better viewed when you can share your life with someone special; the usual crowd who will make you think life is still worth living when all of life’s burdens casts on your shoulders. A song by Maxwell called Fortunate would relate to what message in my essay portrays.
Maxwell’s song embodies a deep sensual message in which he explains his attraction to this woman, using simple adjectives. When he says “Never seen a sun shine like this…” He’s comparing the “Sun” to how bright this woman is and how she is one of a kind. When he says “Never seen a moon glow like this...” Maxwell is describing how this women stands out. He uses imagery in this song to evoke emotions in his fans. He shows us how this woman is special to him and how she’s different from the other girls he’s dated. From the way she treats him and makes him feel, he’s happy with her and whereas she’s someone he can form a deep connection with. In this song he talks about the way he kisses her, touches her and the time he spends with her. He cherishes every moment and he’s grateful to have her in his life. For instance, in his chorus, “Fortunate to have you girl…” He’s stating how lucky and ecstatic he is to be in a relationship with her. He repeats that he’s fortunate to have her in