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Abstract The purpose of this paper is to provide a written report of the five part M&M project. Part one was sampling. We were to purchase 3 bags of M&M and record the color counts of each bag in an Excel spread sheet. For part two we calculated the sample proportions for each color, the mean number of candies per1.69oz bag, created a histogram for the number of candies per bag, use Excel to compute the descriptive statistics for the total number of candies per bag and summarize the information. In part three we located the 95% confidence interval for the proportion of blue, orange, green, yellow, red and brown. For part four we tested claims for percentages of each color. In the final part of the project we tested the hypothesis …show more content…
Brown; H0: p=.13 claim, H1: p[pic] .13; Z= -1.0724; Fail to reject
There is insufficient evidence to suggest the true proportion is not .13.

Mean, H0: [pic] [pic]54, H1:[pic] [pic] 54 claim; P= .0000000014; reject
There is sufficient evidence to support the claim that on average 1.69oz bags will contain more than 54 candies.

H0: [pic] [pic]1.5, H1:[pic] [pic] 1.5 claim; [pic]= 113.145; [pic]= 83.71763, Fail to reject
There is not enough evidence at the 5% level of significance to support the claim that the standard deviation number of candies is less than 1.5.

Part 5: Method, Analysis, Results For the final portion of our project we were instructed to test the hypothesis that the population proportions of red and brown are equal.
. Hypotheses= H0:p1=p, Ha: p1≠p2; X1=578, n1=5001, p1=.1156; X2=6235, n2=5001, p2= .1250; [pic]= .1203; Z= 1.4447; [pic]= -1.96 & 1.96; z1.96 rejection region
Fail to reject the null; There is not enough evidence to reject the claim.

Quality Assurance To investigate one of the colors being off its targeted amount, I first inspect the settings on the machines to make sure that they had not been altered. If the setting on the bagging or mixing machine it will cause discrepancies in the proportions. Some of the m&ms may be spilling during the bagging process. It is also possible that the