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Analyse the challenges faced by business using internet marketing M2 (including p4)
When focussing on competition through global website visibility, many challenges are faced by businesses using internet marketing. Although many challenges occur businesses have the opportunity to help overcome them. The challenges that business may have to deal with can include situations such as:
Keeping pace with market and technological change:
Technology is always changing or updating to work better or maybe to look better, to attract more people etc. Nowadays technology is used nearly everywhere and has become very popular. Computers are one technology that is used for many, many reasons by millions of people throughout the world. The internet is very important and many functions within the internet are used and updated/added to the internet to make ‘life easier’. Businesses that are based online such as ASOS has a great advantage of using these functions but ASOS also are faced with the changes being made. Customers like to see things that are modern and ‘in with the trend’. Home pages for example are the first page people will see and it has to be importantly eye catching and highlighted in the right way. If the technology used behind computers is changed the employees will have to keep to the challenge and get trained to KNOW the changes and use it within the website. Also keeping up with the market is also vitally important which adds to the challenges that business; particularly online organisations have to deal with to achieve those aims and objectives. The market is changing all the time; people’s opinions are vital and different within age groups; where they come from; etc. Internet marketing helps achieve this by able to use forums, social networks, emails, other information located on the internet, competitors etc...Throughout the internet businesses are able to market research and also find what is needed and wanted by the public where business can add to their company. ASOS are based online, so most of their market research are done through forums, social networks etc and they use brands and make the most available for their customers by providing a huge amount of products and also including it all in the website.

Above shows what windows internet explorer 8 allows to do. Businesses have an advantage for those customers that have the new version on windows internet explorer. Above is a method called ‘Accelerators’ this is a way to complete browsing activities quickly, and discover new services, e-mail, and map, translate and more. Businesses can also use this to use the translate method for their website for people internationally that do not understand English. If a customer was to look up the location for sunglasses; simply need to highlight text, and view the results without even leaving the page their on, with such services integrated directly into the browser, you can simply select some text, right-click to select an Accelerator, and immediately be presented with the results. The results may include ASOS’s sunglasses. ASOS can also use this for reply to all different social networks from one computer or just view their comments. It also provides the following...

Web Slices

A Web Slice is a preview (or snippet) of your favourite site or service available directly from the Favourites bar of your browser.
Add a Web Slice and you won't have to return to a Web site repeatedly for updated news, stock quotes, auctions, weather, or sports.

When you visit a web page that has a Web Slice available, a Web Slice icon is displayed. You can then easily subscribe and add the item to your Favourites bar.

InPrivate Browsing
Keep your data more secure and protect your privacy when you're surfing the internet by using the InPrivate function.
InPrivate Browsing helps prevent Internet Explorer from storing data about your browsing session: this includes cookies, temporary Internet files, history, and any other personal