MMT2 IT strategic solution task 1 Essay

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Running Head: MMT2 Task 1 - Technology Upgrade Proposal

IT Strategic Solutions – MMT2 Task 1

Technology Upgrade Proposal

Western Governor’s University


MMT2 Task 1 - Technology Upgrade Proposal


A – Utilizing SWOT Analysis to Evaluate the Existing IT Infrastructure
After analyzing the background information and data provided in the case study, the following were identified as the strengths of AEnergy’s current IT infrastructure:

Recent upgrade of IT infrastructure – According to the case study AEnergy recently updated its IT infrastructure by increasing server storage capacity to accommodate the increased demand for resources. This upgrade appropriately positions the company with respect to its storage
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Threat of malware infection – Because there is currently no security protocol governing personal flash drives and other devices that could be connected to the network by employees, the company’s IT infrastructure is vulnerable to malware or virus infection that can be introduced into the network through such devices. Recently, new malware targeting Office applications have been identified. One such malware is known as
CRIGENT and is popularly referred to as the new Power Worm. Malware such as these pose a significant threat and the company must protect its network from intrusion by ensure that all connected devices are encrypted and scanned to ensure that they are safe from infections before being allowed access to the network.

Security vulnerabilities introduced by network expansion – To cater for the expansion of the company to the east coast, the network infrastructure will have to be increased and new users brought on board. Introducing new users into the network in conjunction with increasing the size of the network poses a potential threat to its stability and security.
New users who may not be familiar with security protocols way pose a threat to the system if they make security errors and as such should be trained appropriately before being granted access to the system.

MMT2 Task 1 - Technology Upgrade Proposal


B1 – Leveraging Current Strengths
Conducting the