Macbeth Character Analysis

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Throughout the play Macbeth, Macbeth loses stability and feels driven under any circumstances to be king. Macbeth started out as a faithful, kind, courageous and noble thane that would do anything for his king. After he got his prophecy from the witches he feels the need to make his fate happen.

Macbeth knew killing the king was his only option. Though he felt guilt and shame whenever he thought about it, he knew he didn’t want to have to murder the king to earn his status. You may say he gave up on the whole idea of killing king Duncan and becoming king himself but Lady Macbeth on the other hand will do everything she can to have Macbeth as king.

Macbeth’s relationship with Lady Macbeth was good at the beginning until after the murder. It was Lady Macbeths plot to kill the king. Even though Macbeth stabbed the king he couldn’t go back in to frame the guards. Even though he went through with the murder he still feels shame for the deed he did.

After Macbeth was crowned king his mind changed. Macbeth's blind ambition, guilt, and false hopes all play significant roles in his downfall. He felt if anyone shall get in the way of him being king they will be slaughtered. He knew Duncan’s sons were next to be king but they fled from home so Macbeth seen it as a later problem. But with one murder comes several murders and Macbeths innocents is lost. Macbeth soon loses trust in everyone and sinks further and further into the murders and lies. Macbeth then