Macbeth Final Essay

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Terri Wells
Mr. Brock
English 12A
December 12, 2014
Lady Macbeth
They say behind every great man is an even stronger women. What they did not account for was the idea that a woman can also be a man’s achilles heel. In the play
Macbeth by William
Shakespeare, Lady Macbeth is the reason that her husband, Macbeth, became power hungry; which ultimately led to his demise. She is the source of all the evil and assessing Lady Macbeth’s actions, it ultimately changed her as a person.
When it came to the murder of King Duncan, Lady Macbeth played the biggest role of them all. She hyped Macbeth up, boosted his ego and confidence. Lady Macbeth put her husband’s manhood into question and eventually encouraged him to kill Duncan. Then, when
Macbeth couldn’t go through with it, Lady Macbeth put the daggers back into the room. When
Duncan was dead, she played it off as if she was shocked and hurt that the king had been killed.
Lady Macbeth came off as a sociopath towards the beginning of the play; she felt no guilt nor shame. However, this would eventually change.
In Act 3 Scene 3, Macbeth has his best friend Banquo killed. He feared that his friend would betray him and his son’s would become king (which the witches predicted). Later, in Act
3 Scene 4, when Macbeth claimed to have seen Banquo’s ghost standing before him at dinner,
Lady Macbeth became nervous. She knew that she pushed her husband to his limits. She tried to keep Macbeth in line because she did not want him confessing all the bad that they did. Lady

Macbeth was trying to keep the lies in order and maintain the image they just created.
Eventually, it all became too much to bare.
Lady Macbeth’s realization that she created a monster out of her husband, was a lot for