Writing and Good Job Essay

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Evaluation Essay

No matter how smart or experienced you are, essays will always be a challenge for any and everybody. After evaluating this essay I noticed a few errors but overall pretty good. The first thing I noticed is that the beginning paragraph contained too much commentary and not enough facts. Also the thesis could use a little work but is suitable. But he did do a good job explaining the situations that occurred during the story. One thing I noticed right away was that the writer cited his work at the bottom, which was very smart of them to do so. But one issue with essay is he did not break up his last paragraph into two of them. But the grammar and punctuation are excellent, probably a lot better than my own. He had also done a good job in summing up the plot and story. I also agree with the storyline he explains and how he states that Macbeth is the real guilty one. Because even if someone convinces someone else to commit a crime such as they did, the person committing the crime is ultimately responsible. The individual is always responsible because they have free will, so what ever they do is there own doing. Also every individual that does anything must deal with the reprocutions of there actions. So the writer did a good job in describing that. Macbeth’s story is a great example of how cheating to get what you want can back fire on you. Like for example, if you decide to cheat on a test and if you don’t get caught, you’re only cheating yourself.