Macville Conference Essay

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Samarut Antoine

MacVille Espresso coffee machine conference

Table of Contents

1. Scope Specifications Page 1 2.1 Conference purpose 2.2 Conference contact person’s details 2.3 Date and duration of the conference 2.4 Description of the target market 2.5 Conference location 2.6.1 Floor plan of total venue 2.6.2 Room set-up for main conference session 2.6.3 Room set-ups for break out conference sessions 2.6 Conference checklist of all the required conference facilities 2.7 Conference checklist of all the equipment required 2. Conference Kit Page 5 3. Registration Procedures Page 6 4.8
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Please note that the name and title you give here will be printed on your badge and the participants’ list.

Date: 4th May, 20013
Venue: SOFITEL Hotel Brisbane

1. Participants information
Family name:________________________________________________________________
Title:_______ Prof.Dr. other:_________________________Mr.Ms.Mrs.
First name:__________________________________________________________________ Organisation:________________________________________________________________