Maize and genetically Modified Foods Essay

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A Potentially
Dead Planet
NOVEMBER 30, 2014

Genetically engineered crops are negatively effecting our environment and wildlife in the United States.

 These foods are being grown throughout the
United States with very few counties having legislation banning these types of crops. Due to the negative effects they are currently having on our environment, and the potential negative impacts they could have on our future, the United States government should put a nationwide ban on the growth and distribution of genetically modified foods.

Everyday common items such as baby formula, cereal, and milk are just a few of the unsuspecting items you might consume without a thought as to how they were made.

Today, GM crops are grown commercially by 8.25 million farmers on 200 million acres spread throughout 17 countries.

Schmidt, Charles. “Genetically Modified Foods: Breeding Uncertainty” Environmental Health Perspectives 113.8
(2005): 526-533. Web. 15 Nov. 2014.

There are a few different types of genetically engineered crops…
 Herbicide Tolerant Crops
 Insect Resistant Crops
 Virus Resistant Crops
 Drought Tolerant Crops

Although genetically engineered crops may seem to have some quick fix answers to problems that plague plants, it is now apparent that there are negative impacts on the environment they grown in.

One major concern that arises with the production of genetically engineered crops is a reduction in crop diversity.

This could affect our future food supply in the United
States as well as the rest of the planet!!

Genetically engineered crops could also result in super pests and super weeds.
 This could result in the use of more