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Major Composition – Saturday Ellison
Dancers: Zoe Etcell, Sharni Whetu and Isabel Carmona
My concept/intent is to explore the transmission of infectious disease and would like to communicate to the audience different ways the common cold is spread, the symptoms and the emotions of isolation.
The form of my concept is a narrative, and I chose this to communicate the stages of infection through characters of a story, in which each dancer gets sick throughout the dance because of one dancer.

Space, Time and Dynamics:
I will use space to communicate my concept by isolating the ill dancer from the healthy and the space where the dancers are together as a group to communicate and show the spread of the disease through the position of the dances in the performance space and active space. I’ll also use levels to show contrast between the sickness and the healthy dancers, and shapes to show isolation and illness.
I will use time to show contrast between fast movement and slow movement with my dancers, where the sick one is always a little bit slower, and a coughing accent.
I will use variation and contrast of dynamics by using high levels, more force and energy in the healthy dancers in contrast to the sick dancer who is slower, lower levels and release energy quicker causing falls, collapse and swinging.

Relationships between my dancers:
The relationship between my dancers in the first section will be where dancer (a) will be in the ill one, whereas (b) and (c) will be healthy, and dancer (a) will have limited connection with the other dancers, whereas (b) and (c) will have the same movement, connection, and this will show the isolation of illness. Throughout the dance (b) and (c) will become infected, and then in contrast, the ill dancers will have a connection whereas the healthy one will not.

Motif, Variation, Accompaniment:
My motif will be a coughing motion that involves the upper