Essay about Major Disciplines of Computer Science

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The Major Disciplines of Computer Science In the rapid development of industry , the need for highly skillful and specialized people has become important. Today , the universities and institutions are working together with the companies in developing special and detailed programs to match the market need. People are more interested today in the majors that provide better job opportunities and good income. The rapid revolution in the information technology area has created many companies and led to more job opportunities ; consequently , computer science has become one the most demanding majors for many people. The development of the technology and going worldwide have created many disciplines in the computer science area. Most of the computer science studies are filling into three major disciplines which can be networking , information security and programming. In 1960s , there was a need to have an efficient way to exchange the information between the governmental agencies ; therefore , researchers had started to work on a way to connect computers together to provide an efficient and quick way of communication. Since then , the networking has dominated on the research area of computer science. This had led to revolutionary innovation in the communication which impacts our live. For example the internet that we have today come as a result of the studies done by those researches. Today , the network has different types and technologies such as Local Area Network (LAN) , Wide Area Network (WAN) or Virtual Private Network (VPN). Many disciplines within the networking have come to the scene such as network routing which studies the network traffic optimization , network topologies which studies network configuration , and network security which studies the information security within a network. Information security has become a significant discipline in the computer science area especially within the introduce of networking. Most of the big enterprises stores and exchanges the data electronically due to ease of accessibility and quick information retrieval. Compromising such data might lead to big losses for that enterprise ; therefore , the need for information security has become important. Today Information security as a topic has many research areas such as access control , data encryption , network security. Information security has also facilitated the information processing in a secure way and protected our identity . For example the introduce of payment card facilitated the