Essay On Moral Development

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In order to develop and have a moral corporation, first we need to understand; what is moral development? And how moral development can be developed and achieved in a corporation? Moral development is the ability to make objective choices while considering rationality and seeking for approval from society, or the ability of making objective choices and decision that would expand our relations and increase connections. As we go through our lives we make connections with on another. According to the moral theories, at beginning of our moral development stages we start seek for acceptance when we attempt to take actions, or make decisions, then gradually as we pass through stages we became aware of social interdependency and concern for others’ welfare. It is very important to us to expand connections with others and make new relationships, but on the other hand we should be wisely considering how our actions would affect these relations (McLachlan, J. A., 2009). From all of this, I think moral development is an essential factor in forming an ethical personal character, and since people manage corporations it is important as well for corporation to develop a moral corporate culture to have a better business environment and be always socially accepted. I think moral development should be developed and practiced by organizations, corporations, small business owners, and anyone involved the world of business. It is mutually beneficial, societies can benefit from having more moral corporations, and also corporations would benefit from being a moral corporation. Developing a moral corporation is not something that is hard to achieve, most corporations can easily develop a moral corporate culture, this process will be explain later in this paper.
In this part I will explain why we as citizens of a society want to have more moral corporations involved in our society?. Corporations have a strong needs for approval from us as members of a society, as we always deal and make connections with corporations we expect ethical relation. Developing and having moral corporations will help corporations at first to strengthen the relations with their clients. If we have plenty of moral corporations in our society this means that we would have more ethical relations with professionals and representatives from these corporations. “Showing respect for client is a large part of client relations” (McLachlan, pg157). When corporations show care, respect, honesty, and sincerity to their clients, this will reflect a good reputation of the corporation, and will increase client’s interest in dealing and make connections with such corporation. I think this example will illustrate how applying moral development in a corporation and act morally would affect the relation between a corporation and its clients. As the author stated in the example of Farout Travels, when Meghan and her friends were looking for a reservation from the travel agency Tyler. Although Meghan explained to Tyler what she wanted exactly over the phone and agreed with Tyler to meet and set everything up, the travel has not helped Meghan and did not provide the service that she is looking for. This case reflects how could poor quality of client relations affect the corporation and create discouragement in the client’s confidence in the corporation. As a result of acting unethically by disregarding the value of time, disrespecting the client, and breaking promises, client will loss confidence in the corporation and most likely decide not to deal with such corporation. (McLachlan, J. A., 2009). We can learn from this that the practice of showing care, respect, honesty, and sincerity to the client would put the corporation in a position that would comply with the legislations of law in addition to the client’s interests in dealing with the corporation.
Another reason that would support the argument that stands for the benefit of having moral corporations in our society is the social