Mkt/421 – Marketing - Marketing Plan Essay

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Marketing Plan
Erik Wohler, Adnan Otovic, and Joshua Adamson
MKT/421 – Marketing
March 28, 2013
R. Scott Bluemel

Marketing Plan: Phase I
Overview of the Organization
The entertainment industry is a vastly changing business, although the ideology has stayed the same throughout history. Since the earliest documented cases started appearing, stories and music were used to overcome and surpass dark times in cultures throughout the world. In more recent historical examples, during the great depression, the largest break through for the entertainment industry began to show by way of movies, musicals, radio and early television. Movies really began to dawn as a way to escape the realities of everyday life and live vicariously in a world
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Each theater will have one kiosk or window attached to a room where one can quietly get candy, popcorn, or new beverage while the movie has started. Since these services are all about a higher level of experience it will be made clear that any costumers who are being disruptive will not be tolerated. Special memberships will be available that will accumulate points for added discounts and bonuses. There will be different packages to choose from so one can be sure to have the right type of options to customize the exact type of experience they are looking for. Special membership bonuses will include access to pre-screenings of movies prior to release, Flashback Thursdays where we would play an older movie, TV series viewings, and other special promotions that will be exclusive. For the movie enthusiast that goes regularly a package will be set up at a monthly or yearly rate which will be all access and amenities included. Some may wonder why memberships? The basic reasoning behind the concept is that memberships have the ability to increase commitment and create the feeling of belonging to the organization (Rabinowitz, 2013).
Importance of Marketing to Organizational Success The importance of marketing in respect to success for Regal Entertainment has a lot to do with the appeal of “a local getaway”. Just as in early times, movies were stories told on a large screen, but consumer psychologically